2024 Georgia State 9 - 11 Girls Softball

Martinez-Evans Little League, District 6, Host.

Games will begin July 6.  Games played at Crawford Creek Park, 1475 Collins Drive, Martinez, GA 309007.

Mandatory Managers Meeting:  Friday, July 5, 4:30 pm, Crawford Creek Park.   Bring books and pitching records!

Softball Tournament Information Package.

SE Region Tournament of State Champions, which the Georgia State Champion will participate in, will be held in Clarksville, Tn., July 26.  (corrected from July 25 to July 26)

Note:  Beginning with the 2023 Tournament Season, all managers/coaches, and any replacement coaches, must complete the Diamond Leader Training prior to being appointed to a tournament team.   Register and take the course.  It is recommended that you print your completion certificate and include it in the tournament team paperwork.

2024 Georgia State Tournament 9-11 Softball

 Game Date Time Field Team Team 
July 6 3:00 pmAlewineHarris County        0vsWRALL              15
2July 6 5:30 pmAlewineWRALL                    8vsHarris County    1

Tournament Bracket  

2024 9-11 State Softball Champions

9-11 Softball Georgia Champions - Warner Robins American Little League

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