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Fairball Newsletter is dedicated to the Little League Umpire. Each issue has a variety of topics to create a better environment for the Little League umpire to learn and become better.

You Make the Call - Tests your knowledge of various rules and situations.

Mechanics - Teaches you how to properly execute your mechanics for various situations.

The Call: Part 1 The Journey of a 2017 World Series Umpire

The Call: Part 2

The Call: Part 3

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2020 Virtual Clinics
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December 3, 2020:  Techniques and Tips for Game Management

December 8, 2020:  Wedge Theory, Part 1, Tag Plays at the Plate

December 15,  2020:   Wedge Theory, Pat II, Tag Plays at the Bases

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January 10, 2021:  Live Plate Work Demonstration    Register

January 19, 2021:  Softball, Pre and Post Game Responsibilities    Register

January 24, 2021:  Softball, Basics of Working the Plate    Register

January 31, 2021:  Softball, Basics of Umpiring Bases    Register

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