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 On April 11, 2020, Women's Sport Foundation and Yahoo Sports hosted #WeKeepPlaying, a live event.  Join Billie Jean King and many others as they inspire young athletes during the COVID-19 crisis.  

#GirlsWithGame 2022

Lead Her Forward 2020


 "You're gonna figure it out.

You're gonna find by taking a risk
and getting out of your comfort zone

that not only can you do it,

you're quite good at it

and you're successful at it

and that breeds


Julie Foudy
Two-Time FIFA World Cup Champion,
Olympic Gold Medalist, & ESPN Sportscaster



Girls With Game

A campaign to honor all the girls and women who have made the program what it is today.

In celebration of National Women's History Month in March, and February's National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Little League® Baseball and Softball has launched a campaign to honor all the girls and women who have made the program what it is today. From written stories and feature videos to inspiring quotes and photos across all of its digital media platforms, Little League Baseball and Softball's #GirlsWithGame Campaign celebrates the memorable moments, exciting events, and inspiring individuals throughout the Little League program.

My biggest goal for any young girl is for them to look at themselves

in the mirror, and see someone that's strong, smart, beautiful, and kick butt.

- Jessica Mendoza, Two-Time Olympic Medalist and ESPN Analyst

Girls With Game

The 19 Girls Who Have Made Little League Baseball® World Series History 

Kalani Swim Coach Victoria Ruelas was First Girl Starter in Little League World Series

Southeast Softball World Series Experience

"Throwing Like a Girl"

A Different Point of View: Persistence, Self-Awareness, Confidence Prevail as Teenager Takes on Umpiring

"It Makes My Day": Softball Volunteers Share Their Stories

Why We Play: Little League Softball World Series Teams Share Their Stories

Meet the Women of the Little League® Hall of Excellence

The 18 Girls Who Have Made Little League Baseball® World Series History

Cat Osterman's Story

Katherine Sandercock: From Little League to USA Baseball

Sue Enquist Motivates and Inspires Little Leaguers® in San Bernardino

"It's so important for girls to see themselves in someone else."

"Have fun. Let yourself fall in love with the Game."

Jenny Dalton-Hill to be 7th Woman Enshrined into the Little League Hall of Excellence

7 Little League Alumnae Earn Spot on 2022 USA Baseball Women's National Team

Six Innings with Little League Graduate Elizabeth Osder

The Power of Perspective from a Former D1 Athlete

Krissy Wendell: From the Little League Baseball® World Series to the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame

Girls With Game - July 29,2019

Girls With Game and a Positive Mental Attitude

With a name like Kaya, she was born to throw K's.

Volunteer Spotlight: Reflections of Little League® From Female Leaders

ESPN's Jessica Mendoza's Advice for Young Girls

Hailey Dawson Pitching for Poland Syndrome Awareness

Debra Crerie: Breaking the Mold of Little League® Umpires

Tuohy Takes Home National Title, Tops List of Gatorade Players of the Year with Little League® Ties

When your Mom's this fierce, who wouldn't want to follow her footsteps?

2017 JLSBWS Empowered By The Game

#GirlsWithGame Instagrams

If you want it bad enough, and you're willing to make the sacrifices,

you can do it. But first you have to believe in yourself.

- Jennie Finch, Two-Time Olympic Medalist 

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