Tips for Running a League

Leagues may all have slightly different needs when it comes to their timelines, but the timeline has the same components for everyone regardless of when they play their seasons.  An organized approach to duties and paperwork will make life easier for everyone.   Always keep in mind that the more people involved, the better organized a league must be.  In the long run, when more people carryout the duties, the easier it is for everyone and your league will have more people "invested" in the success of the league.

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Monthly Checklist

  • Present State of the League
  • Present Annual Financial Report
  • Present Budget
  • Nominate new members; Membership approves all members
  • Membership sets the number of board positions for the coming year
  • Membership Ratifies Constitution
  • President appoints Election Chairperson
  • Election of Officers

  • Update Officers with Little League through Data Center
  • Upload new player/volunteer data from the fall season to the Little League Data Center to remain properly insured.
  • Charter and Insure for Next Season - Insurance coverage ends midnight December 31
  • Once Insurance has been paid, the Local League may print a copy of their Certificate of Insurance from the Little League Data Center.
  • Submit Split League Format (through Data Center) paperwork and Common Pool Draft Request (if operating as a Split League)
  • Start Background Checks for next year - JDP (previously First Advantage) year starts November 1
  • Prepare your ASAP Plan and Complete your Facility Report - submit starting January 1
  • Review Local By-Laws and Ground Rules - submit to DA by December 31
  • Conduct Early Registration
  • Have a Happy Holiday!
  • Submit ASAP Plan
  • Registration
  • Attend League Officials Clinic at SE Region
  • Renew Georgia Incorporation Status - Due April 1
  • Keep up with waiver requests - requests must be approved by Board and documented in minutes
  • Board approves by vote all managers, coaches, umpires, other volunteers: document in minutes
  • Complete Background checks on all volunteers - JDP Portal
  • IRS Tax Filing Due February 15 (leagues with fiscal year October 1 - September 30)
  • Non-profits who fail to file their IRS Tax Reports 3 years in a row, lose their Non-Profit Status
  • Announce Tryout Schedule
  • Conduct Drafts
  • Verify all Waiver Requests have been submitted and approved prior to Opening Day
  • Opening Day
  • Review "How to Discipline a Member" found in your League Constitution
  • April 3: ASAP plans for leagues must be approved for the District Incentive credit
  • Upload Player and Volunteer rosters/data
  • April 17: ASAP must be submitted for League Accident Insurance credit
  • Upload Player and Volunteer rosters/data
  • June 1 - All leagues/teams must be chartered, all fees paid, all waivers and paperwork approved
  • June 1 - May announce tournament teams and begin practice
  • Prepare Tournament Affidavits and Paperwork for District Staff verification
  • Georgia Special Games for Rookies and Sandlot Divisions
  • State Tournaments
  • Region Tournaments

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