ASAP Newsletters

ASAP Newsletters were printed material that were delivered through the postal service until February 2019. The Newsletters have been digitized now and individual articles can be viewed at Little League University.

We have provided links to a few of the older PDF magazines for past articles.

Select ASAP Articles

September 2021
     2021 ASAP Regional Winners
     Appropriate 1-on-1 Interactions vs Prohited 1-on-1                                Interactions
     Benefits of Year-Round Equipment and Facility Checks
     Having an AED On Site Can Save Lives
     Understanding Little League's AIG Insurance Program

June 2021
     Guidance and Best Practices for Operating a LL Concesssion                Stand
      Pairing Nutrition, Hydration Help Youth Athletes Maintain                   Good Health
     PCA:  How Coaches Can Support Their Athletes Mental                         Health
     Stay Safer in Unsafe Weather
     Musco Spotlight:  Health and Safety Readiness Checklist

February 2021 
     Know the 2021 ASAP Submission Deadlines
     Effective Local Training Can Prepare Volunteers for a Safer,                   More Successful Season
     2021 Updates to the Little League Child Protection Program
     Don't Let This Happen:  Failure to Make Facility Repairs                           Leads to Injury

December 2020
     ASAP Submission Begins in December
     A Safe Place to Grow:  LIttle League Child Protection                               Program Updated
      JDP Offers COVID-19 Testing at a New Lower Price 
     Tips for Understanding the Type of Protections Provided by                   a Liability Waiver
     Safety Officer:  Local League Role and What You Need to                        Know

July 2020
Best Practices for Creating a Local League Social Distancing                  Plan
     Background Check Info for the Remainder of the 2020                            Season 
     How to Handle an Injured Player:  Returning to Play After                      Injury
     Review the Latest Coronavirus Updates, Guidance

May 2020
     Make Safety the Focus When Adjusting to the New Normal
      2020 Season Resumption Guide Webinar
      Pairing Nutrition, Hydration Help Youth Athletes Maintain
             Good Health

      Don't Let This Happen:  Failure to Make Facility Repairs                       Leads to Injury
      Staying Safer in Unsafe Weather


April 2020
     Help Make Parents, Families, and Fans Accountable for their                                 Behavior
     Letter to Safety Officers: Do What You Can to Keep Your
           League Safe and Ready to Play

     Facility Safety Is a Year-Round Priority

February 2020
     Background Checks Help Keep Predators Out of Your League
     Musco Corner: Conduct a Facilities Safety Check Before the                                   Season Starts
     Effective Local Training Can Prepare Volunteers for a Safer,                                    More Successful Season
     Safety Spotlight: Concussions in Youth Athletes
     Our Children Become the Messages They Hear the Most

October 2019
     Participation Report Card - Southeast Leads the Country with
          97% ASAP Submission
The 2019 ASAP Award Winners Showcase Thoughtfulness, Planning
          in Their League Safety Efforts

     Benefits of Year-Round Equipment & Facility Check-Ups
     Having An AED on Site Can Save Lives
     Understanding the AIG Insurance Program for Little League┬«

July 2019
     The Little League┬« A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Reaches                          Record 94% Participation in 2019
     When Closing Down Your Facility, Pay Attention to Details
     Don't Let This Happen: People Give Face to the Worst in Youth Sports
     From the Field: Local League Suggestions & Best Practices for a Safer                   Summer
     Staying Safer in Unsafe Weather

May 2019
     Dedication to Saving Lives Results in a Life Being Saved
     Concession Stand Safety Tips: 12 Steps to Safe, Sanitary Food Service
     What You Need to Know About the Federal SafeSport Law
     From the Field: Local League Safety Tips and Best Practices
     Make Regular Equipment & Facility Check-Ups a Year-Round Endeavor                 for Your League or District

February 2019
     Background Checks Help Keep Predators Out of Your League
     Conduct a Facilities Check Before the Season Starts
     Incorporating Effective Local Training Can Prep Volunteers for a Safer,               More Successful Season
     Answers ASAP - Responses to Questions About Little League's A Safety               Awareness Program
     How to Submit Your 2019 ASAP Plan

October 2018
     National ASAP Safety Award Winners
     Southeast Region Holds Strong at 97%
     Common Sense From the Field

March 2018
     Three Pre-Season Health Tips
     Little League Partners with J.D. Palatine
     Checklist for Getting Fields Ready
     Common Sense From the Field


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