Tournament Enrollment Open for 2022

Tournament Enrollment is now open for 2022 exclusively through the Little League Data Center. Make certain paperwork is completed, all waivers are approved, all fees are paid prior to June 1, 2022.

This year's tournament supplies will be available exclusively online through the Little League Tournament Resources Page.   Resources available include:

  • Educational Resources
  • Downloads of the 2022 Tournament Rules
  • Important Forms

For 2022, all leagues will be required to complete the tournament affidavit through the Little League Data Center. Your league must be enrolled in tournament prior to completing any tournament affidavits. Please have the following information readily available prior to completing your tournament affidavits through the Data Center:

1. Current contact information for your League President and Player Agent(s)

2. A list of all schools within your league's boundary that will be used by tournament players to establish school enrollment (school name and school address)

3. Regular season team information including team name, division, and number of games played by the start of tournament

4. Tournament manager and coach information including name, address, email, phone number, and regular season team

5. Tournament player information including name, birthdate, type of eligibility to be used (residence or school), regular season team, number of games played, and any applicable waiver information

Once all information is entered, the Data Center will generate an affidavit, a player map with all players plotted, and tournament player verification forms for each player listed. Please note that previously approved tournament player verification forms can be used in place of the newly printed forms.

Additional tournament materials are also available online and include:

Age/Residency/School Attendance Eligibility Requirements
Medical Release Form
Tournament Player Verification Form
2022 Tournament Rules (Baseball)
2022 Tournament Rules (Softball)
Important Tournament Rule and Regulation Changes for 2022
Tournament FAQs
Approved Balls, including A.D. Starr, the Official Ball Supplier of the Little League World Series

All chartered Little League programs must complete the Confirmation of Regulation Compliance form or the Tournament Enrollment Application on the Little League Data Center, even if the league decides not to enter any teams in any of the tournaments. This is completed either through the Tournament Enrollment Application process or the Confirm Background Check Compliance process on the Little League Data Center. Failure to confirm background check compliance will result in the league's charter status being placed on non-compliance hold for the 2022 season.

The Tournament Enrollment Application defines which divisions are eligible to enter the International Tournament from your league or district, based on the information provided during the chartering process. If you are enrolling teams in tournament play, simply enter how many teams will be participating in each level of play. The tournament entry fee of $200 per team may be paid online upon completion of the Tournament Enrollment Application. All money collected though tournament entry fees go directly to support local Little League programs advancing through the International Tournament.

League Eligibility for Tournament

For a Little League program to be eligible to enter a team or teams into the International Tournament (including the 8 to 10 and 9 to 11 tournaments) the following requirements must be met:

  1. The league must be chartered in an age appropriate division(s) for which it wishes to enter a tournament team(s). Team number revisions and fees incurred by the league must be paid in full by June 1, 2022.

Action Step: Ensure that your league is eligible to enroll in all levels of play in which it is participating, please review and update your league's charter in the Little League Data Center to reflect any changes in team numbers that occurred after your charter application was submitted.

  1. The league must have scheduled and played, at a minimum, a 12-game (per team) regular season (10-game for Senior League), exclusive of playoffs and tournament games, for each division entering tournament prior to the first game in their respective tournament. See Regulation VII.
  2. All waiver requests for the league, team, player, manager, and/or coach) of any kind must be submitted and approved no later than June 1, 2022.
  3. All tournament combinations requests must be submitted through the Little League Data Center and approved not later than June 1, 2022. Only leagues with approved regular season combined team and/or interleague play requests will be eligible to request a tournament combination.

Failure to meet any of the listed requirements could result in a team or teams being declared ineligible by the Tournament Committee at Little League International in Williamsport, PA.

Tournament Resources

• Changes have been made to Tournament Rule 9 - Mandatory Play.

Beginning 2018, a manager's failure/refusal to insert players into the line-up as outlined in the new rule shall result in immediate ejection of the manager and removal for the remainder of the International Tournament, without replacement. The umpire-in-chief or other individual designated by the game Tournament Director in consultation with the official scorekeeper, shall advise both team managers, at the appropriate time as outlined in the new rule, of their obligation to insert all players who have not completed their mandatory play requirement.


• Check the current bat list for approved bats and ones that have been decertified and may not be used.

USA Bat Standard FAQ

USA Bat Website

Decertified Bats

Little League Bat Rules

• Per Little League International, no current C-Flap product is NOCSAE approved which means per Rule 1.16, the product cannot be used. Know the rules on modifying helmets with additional attachments.

• Combined Teams Process goes online for the 2018 Little League® Tournament.

Tournament Resources: A comprehensive list of all reminders, tools, educational resources from Little League University, and more to assist all volunteers through the International Tournament.

Rules, Regulations, Policies : Be sure to review all new rules and regulations.

• Tournament Essentials (LittleLeagueStore): Easy online ordering for the required tournament patches and a banner portal, which makes ordering banners quicker and easier than ever.

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