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Positive Coaching Alliance was founded by Jim Thompson in 1998 within the Stanford University Athletic Department after seeing a "win-at-all-cost" mentality in youth sports while coaching his son's baseball team. Positive Coaching Alliance was created with the mission to "transform youth sports so sports can transform youth."

PCA developed "The Positive Coaching Mental Model," a research summary based upon several psychological studies, in order to guide youth sports coaches in creating positive and effective team cultures. The model comprises three principles:

  • Redefining "Winner" - Focusing on Mastery of the Skill, rather than on scoreboard results, decreases anxiety and gives youth athletes a sense of control over the outcome. Positive Coaches recognize that mistakes are an inevitable part of sports and cultivate effort rather than concern about outcome, fostering an environment in which players don't fear making mistakes.
  • Filling "Emotional Tanks" - Positive Coaches frequently give truthful, specific praise, laying the groundwork for "teachable moments," when players will be receptive to specific, constructive criciticism.
  • Honoring the Game - Positive Coaches train their athletes to respect Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self. R-O-O-T-S

Using the simple basic tools offered by PCA, coaches can effectively increase the attention span of their athletes, create an environment in which athletes work harder and learn more, and thus win more games.

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For the Ultimate example of "Honoring the Game," watch the video as a Western Oregon U softball player hits her first ever - in her life - home run. Just past 1st base, she tears a ligament in her knee and is unable to run any further. See how her opponents react.

PCA Courses for Coaches


Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons

Double-Goal Coach: Culture, Practice and Games

Double-Goal Coach: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors

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Talking Points for Coaches to Use with Athletes

A few of the National Advisory Board Members:

  • Dusty Baker: Manager Washington Nationals
  • Bruce Bochy: Manager San Francisco Giants
  • Bart Conner: Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medalist
  • Joe Ehrmann: Former NFL Pro Bowl Player
  • Phil Jackson: 11-Time NBA Champion Coach
  • Summer Sanders: Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist

Great Reading for Coaches


The Double-Goal Coach by Jim Thompson (This is the book that will transform the way you think about youth sports)

Positive Coaching by Jim Thompson, Building Character and Self-Esteem

Positive Coaching in a Nutshell by Jim Thompson

The Power of Double-Goal Coaching by Jim Thompson, Developing Winners in Sports and Life

Developing Better Athletes, Better People by Jim Thompson, A Leader's Guide to Transforming High School and Youth Sports

Shooting in the Dark by Jim Thompson, Tales of Coaching and Leadership

The High School Sports Parent by Jim Thompson

Positive Sports Parenting by Jim Thompson

Elevating Your Game by Jim Thompson, Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor

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