Georgia Sandlot Tournaments

The Georgia State Little League Association created the Sandlot Baseball Tournament in 2015 and the Sandlot Softball Tournament in 2019. This tournament is for players league age 8 and 9.

This is a Special Games Tournament and as such the state association applies for and receives approval every year to host the tournament. The rules of the tournament are submitted for approval before play can begin.

The state uses a Tournament Eligibility Affidavit, similar to the one used by Little League International, to verify the age and residence of every player.

The Tournament is broken down into 3 sections: District, Section and State.

  1. District: Each district advances 2 teams to the Section.
  2. Section: There are 3 sections in the state: NW (districts 1, 2, 3,4); NE (districts 6, 7, 10) and S (districts 5, 8, 9). The winner of each section advances to the state tournament.
  3. State: The State Tournament is hosted by Warner Robins American Little League. The tournament is held in June, usually over Father's Day weekend.  

2022 Sandlot Tournaments


Sandlot Tournaments

2022 Baseball Age Chart

2022 Softball Age Chart

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Sandlot Baseball and Softball is open to league age 8 and 9 year olds only.

District Tournaments for Sandlot Baseball and Softball will be determined by each district.

Section Tournaments for Sandlot Baseball and Softball:

  • NW Section: Start date is  June 4. Date is subject to change. Games played at Cartersville Little League.
    • NW Section Managers' Meeting:  TBA
  • NE Section: Start date is  June 4. Date is subject to change.
  • S Section: TBA

State Tournament For Sandlot Baseball:

  • June 17-19 at Warner Robins American Little League Field

Sandlot Baseball Affidavit

Sandlot Baseball Rules - updated 5/6/2022

Sandlot Softball Affidavit

Sandlot Softball Rules - updated5/6/2022

2022 Georgia State Sandlot Baseball Tournament

16-17 6:00 pm WR American NorthernvsOconee County
26-18 new 10:00 am newWR American Smyrna BluevsWinner 1 
36-18 12:00 pm newWR American Smyrna Blue vsLoser 1
6-19 1:00 pmSE Region Complex #1vs #2 

Congratulations Oconee County!   2022 GA State Sandlot Baseball Champs!

2022 NW Sandlot Sectional Baseball Game Schedule

 GameDateTime FieldTeam Team
 1 6-4 10:00 am Rudy York FieldSmyrna Red      19vsPeachtree City     7
 26-4 12:00 pm Rudy York FieldSmyrna Blue       7 vsCartersville           1
 36-5 2:00 pm Rudy York FieldSmyrna Red        2vsSmyrna Blue        11
 46-5 4:00 pm Rudy York FieldPeachtree City    2vsCartersville          18
 56-6 6:00 pm Rudy York FieldSmyrna Red      11vsCartersville           9
 66-7 6:00 pm Rudy York FieldSmyrna Blue       8vsSmyrna Red         6

Congratulations, Smyrna Blue!   2022 NW Section Sandlot Baseball Champions!


16/4 9:30 am Holland Park   #1East Athens     11vsMELL National    9
26/4 11:45 am Holland Park   #1Toccoa      6vsMELL American     17
36/5 2:30 pm Holland Park   #1Franklin County    9vsEast Athens        6
46/5 4:45 pm Holland Park   #1MELL American     0vsOconee County   10
56/6 6:00 pm Holland Park   #1MELL National       0vsMELL American   11
66/6 8:15 pm Holland Park   #1Toccoa     10vsEast Athens        4
76/76:00 pm Holland Park   #1Franklin County     0vsOconee County   10
86/7 8:15 pm Holland Park   #1MELL American    14vsToccoa     3
6/8 7:00 pm Holland Park   #1Franklin County    14vs MELL American   6
10 6/9 7:00 pm Holland Park   #1Oconee County     15vs Franklin County    8

Congratulations, Oconee County!   2022 NE Section Sandlot Baseball Champions!

2022 South Sectional Sandlot Baseball Game Schedule

Game DateTimeFieldTeam Team
 1     vs 
 2     vs 
 3     vs 
 4     vs 
 5     vs
 6     vs 
 7     vs 


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