Little League Tee Ball Program

The Little League Tee Ball Curriculum is a 10-week plan that features structured learning highlighted by one practice and one game per week.  Over the course of the season, coaches and parents will engage in a series of lessons utilizing up to 40 activities that include skills, drills and plenty of physical activity.  Below are drills that can help you implement a successful Tee Ball Program.


Download:  A Parent's Guide to Little League Tee Ball

Download:  Complete Program Guide

Run the Bases

Starting at home plate, everyone jogs to first, second, third and home following the coach and calling out the bases as they go.

Fundamental Focus: Run The Bases helps players become more familiar with the bases and basepaths.

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Team Throwing

Players are grouped into teams. On "go" the first player from each team begins by trying to throw their ball through or into the hoop.

Fundamental Focus: Team Throwing helps players strengthen their arms and make more accurate throws.

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Left Field, Center Field, Right Field


Take players into the outfield to explain/demonstrate the game. Have a cone set in right, center and left field.

Fundamental Focus: Left Field, Center Fied, Right Field will make your players more aware of their outfield boundaries.

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Have players line up behind a cone. Demonstrate using two hands how to "scoop up" a ball.

Fundamental Focus: Fielding helps players learn the proper techniques of fielding a ground ball.

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Offense and Defense - Progression 1 & 2


Spread the players out in the field. Designate one player that the rest of the team must get the ball to.

Fundamental Focus: These progressions will teach your players how to field the ball and throw to the proper base.

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Offense and Defense - Progression 3


Separate players into two groups. Send half out into the field behind a line of cones and the other half to home plate.

Fundamental Focus: This progression will get your players familiar with fielding a batted ball and hitting off a tee.

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Break the players into 3 or 4 groups. Have them stand behind a tee and take turns swinging.

Fundamental Focus: Tee-Hitting will teach players the proper swinging technique.

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Hit the Bucket


Have players create a giant circle. Go around the circle and have each player take a turn to throw their ball at the bucket.

Fundamental Focus: Hit the Bucket will help your players throw the ball with more accuracy.

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Beach Volleyball Circle


In each group make a circle. Hit the beach ball to a player who should try to hit it up in the air and keep it in the circle.

Fundamental Focus: Beach Volleyball Circle will improve your players' communication and ability to field a fly ball.

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Base Running and Ground Balls


Have the players run around the bases one at a time calling out the bases as they go.

Fundamental Focus: Baserunning will teach your players the rules of baserunning and improve their baserunning skills.

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Defensive Rotations


Rotating players during the inning on defense is a great way to keep them engaged.

Fundamental Focus: Defensive Rotation will make your players more familiar with each position and keep them engaged.

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