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May, 2020

May 27 - Project Play Webinar: The Path Forward

The Vision

Start with the end in mind, as hard as that may be with so many near-term medical and financial challenges facing the country. It’s the year 2028, the Los Angeles Olympics are here, and we collectively — everyone who wants sports to help build the good society — have a story to tell about our state of play. We know the story the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee and local organizers aim to tell, as part of the Games legacy: Significantly increase youth participation in sports across the country.

But why stop there? More results are in the offing if we get this right.

Improved access to sport for kids from lower-income families. Better coaches dialed into their social and emotional needs. Less physical and sexual abuse. Fewer overuse injuries. More nearby places to play, and wiser use of existing venues. More sport options. More room for pickup play. Better integration of community, club, and school sports. Less undue external pressure on kids to perform, and more joy. Lower athletic development costs, and even better emerging elite athletes.

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