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Welcome Back Baseball!

July 25, 2020
Little League players and coaches from Pennsylvania joined President Trump and Mariano Rivera
on the South Lawn to celebrate Opening Day

Tools for League Administrators

Positive Coaching Alliance Tools

 Shares creative ways to remain active and have fun together 

Learn about the "Jr. NBA at Home" initiative 

Tools that parents can consider using at home with their kids

Defines mistakes and several tools parents and coaches can use to help kids bounce back after making one

Shares how to use and practice a mistake ritual at home

What coaches need to know about recruiting during COVID-19

Shares his philosophies about life, coaching, and being a parent
Discusses what it means to be a trauma informed coach 

Discusses  Emotional Tanks and how you can help fill them and how to be mindful of ways you may drain them 
Learn "Isolation" Strategies
Learn how to increase "free play"
How to Develop a "Growth Mindset"
Coaching During COVID

Pep Talks

Parent Tools

Big Al Training for Parents & Players

Parents of 4-8 year olds
Parents of 9-12 year olds

Parents, to activate your own personal membership, go to 

1.  Click on Membership Code, top right

2.  Select either Parent 4-8 or Parent 9-12

3.  Fill in registration fields and click continue

4.  Enter membership code: GEOD_Parents (enter your District # where the underline is) This sets your membership fee to $0.00

5.  Read and Accept Terms

6.  Login with user name and password


Coaches' Tools


Podcast with Super Bowl Champion Strength Coach Jon Torine
“If you love the process, the process will eventually love you back”
May 8, 2020
Register - May 6, 9 pm ET
Register - May 13, noon ET
Register - May 16, noon ET
Register - May 20, 9 pm ET
Register - May 27 noon ET
Amplify Your Passion for Coaching

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