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Welcome to Little League Baseball in the great state of Georgia! Our site represents all 10 Little League districts in the state. You may contact any of the District Administrators in the state and locate a Little League program near you. We will keep you up-to-date with clinic/training information, tournament news and special events.

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Georgia Little League 2014 State Tournament Dates
The state tournament start dates have been decided for 2014.  Decisions on sites are still being finalized.
9/10 Baseball 7/12   D8           Senior Baseball 7/12   D6
10/11 Baseball 7/12 D3   Big League Baseball 7/5 Habersham LL
Little League Baseball 7/19 Warner Robins LL   9/10, 10/11, Little League Softball 7/12 West Point LL
Intermediate Baseball 7/12 TBD   Junior, Senior Softball 7/12 D7
Junior Baseball 7/12 D2      

26th Little League International Congress Passes New Rules and Regulations
District Administrators from around the world met April 4-7 in Minneapolis to discuss 17 changes to the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball.  Those items that were approved are briefly outlined below.  Click here to view the full text of the amendments.
Items implemented in 2014:
  1. Expands the boundary of the local league's Challenger division to include the entire district boundary as well as contiguous districts where Challenger Division are not offered.
  2. All divisions of Softball:  Minor and Major division pitchers may pitch a maximum of 12 innings in a day.   If a pitcher pitches more than 6 innings in a day, 1 calendar day of rest is required.   Junior/Senior/Big League:  No pitching restrictions unless imposed by the local league.
  3. Minor division and up of Softball, regular season and tournament:  Minor and Major division teams may play 2 doubleheaders in a 7-day period.    Junior/Senior/Big League division teams may play 3 games in a day.
  4. Intermediate and Junior League Baseball and Junior League Softball teams may count up to 6 Special Games toward tournament eligibility.  Senior and Big League Baseball and Softball teams may count up to 12 Special Games toward tournament eligibility.
  5. The use of short-model chest protectors was approved for Minor and Major Baseball (already approved in upper divisions.)
  6. Little League approved portable mounds can be used for tournament play at the District level.
  7.   Items to be implemented in 2015:

  1. Creates a Senior Division of Challenger for individuals aged 15 and up.  Leagues are required to charter the "Little League" division of Challenger for ages 4 - 18 before adding a Senior Division.
  2. League age 5 players may participate in the Minor League Coach Pitch or Machine Pitch divisions in both baseball and softball after participating in Tee Ball for 1 year.
  3. Junior/Senior/Big League Softball:   An illegal pitch will be called a ball and all base runners will advance one base without liability to be put out.
  4. Tournament eligibility for Big League Baseball and Softball will require participation in 40% of the games.
Items to be implemented in 2018: 
  1. The age determination date for all divisions of Baseball and Challenger will be December 31.
Little League Bylaws and Constitution:
  1. District Administrator term of office will be increased to a 4-year term starting with the next elections.
  2. International Board of Directors field representatives terms will be increased to a 4-year term starting with the 2014 elections.
Georgia Leagues Committed to Safety
Congratulations to the following districts for reaching 100% participation in the ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) program for 2014:
District 4:  Linda North District Administrator, all 7 of the district's leagues have submitted approved plans.
District 5:  Roman Jones District Administrator, all 6 of the district's leagues have submitted approved plans.
District 6:  Vince Fernandez District Administrator, all 7 of the district's leagues have submitted approved plans.
District 7:  Jeremy Haley District Administrator, all 7 of the district's leagues have submitted approved plans.
District 10:  Robin Scott District Administrator, all 8 of the district's leagues have submitted approved plans.
The following districts are still completing their safety plans:
District 1:  Currently at 50%.
District 2:  Currently at 60%.
District 3:  Currently at 50%.
District 8:  Currently at 70%.
District 9:  Currently at 0%.
Congratulations to 2014 World Series Umpires
Being selected to umpire in one of Little League's 9 World Series Tournaments is a prestigious appointment.  An umpire must spend many years volunteering in the Little League system and attend multiple clinics.  We congratulate the following umpires from Georgia who have been appointed to World Series or Regional Tournaments.
Carlos Rodriguez:  District 2 Umpire - Little League Baseball World Series, Williamsport, PA, August 14 - 24, 2014.  Read the interview from the Chicago Sun-Times.
Gary York:  District 7 Umpire - Little League Softball World Series, Portland, OR, August 7 - 13, 2014.
Ken Fitts:  District 2 Umpire - Little League Intermediate World Series, Livermore, CA, July 29 - August 4, 2014.
Southeast Region Umpire Training and Newsletters
Do you want to become a better Umpire?   Do you have dreams of one day being behind the plate for the Little League World Series?   It all begins with proper training and a dedication to learning.   Start by contacting your state Umpire Consultants.  You will find their contact links in the boxes above.  Attend local and regional training.   Sign-up for the free Southeast Region Umpire Newsletters
May 30 - June 1:  4-Man Umpire Mechanics  (Info - Register)

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Recent News  
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09/27/13 Sunshine Village Challenger Eagles receive red-carpet treatment from Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park
Red Sox gives Challenger players a day at the park with behind-the-scenes activities with team players.
09/24/13 Rangers, restaurant owner helping Arlington league recover from theft
Texas Rangers players' helping local league with fundraising after theft depleted their treasury.
09/24/13 Staten Island kids take in Little League World Series festivities
Dick's Sporting Goods treats Staten Island Little Leaguers to a day at the Little League World Series.
09/23/13 After 57 years, Roberts retires as D-24 leader
Pennsylvania District Administrator retires after 57 years of volunteer service to Little League.
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Counting Down to June 6, 2014
Happy 40th to Little League Softball!
Happy 25th to Little League Challenger!


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