Georgia Little League


Pre-Season: Review Rule and Regulation Changes

Pre-Season: Review each league's bylaws/local rules

Pre-Season: Check each league's Charter Status

Pre-Season: Work with Leagues to Determine Pitch Count Tracking Procedure

Pre-Season: Update District Calendar

Pre-Season: Interleague Play Meeting

February 1: Residency Eligibility

February: Check each league's ASAP submission

February 15: Federal Tax Returns Due



Review each league's Tournament Team Selection Methods

In-Season: Conduct Spot Checks of Leagues with Staff

In-Season: Update District Calendar

In-Season: Tournament Planning Meeting with District Staff

In-Season: Review Outstanding Items for Leagues with Region Office

March: Review League Financial Reports

March 26: Recommend Deadline for Player, Manager and Coach Data Submission

April 2: ASAP Submission Deadline for District Incentives

April 16: ASAP Submission Deadline for League Incentives

May: Remind Leagues to Submit Waivers by Deadline

May: Follow up on any outstanding ASAP Plans

May 15: Check each league's Charter Status

June 1: Deadlines for Waivers, Interleague Play Applications, Combined Team Applications

June 1: Deadline to Charter for Current Year

June 1: Release Tournament Schedules

June 10: Check Tournament Enrollment Status of Leagues

June 15: Tournament Enrollment Deadline

June: Tournament Briefing for Managers

June: Tournament Management Briefing

June: Residency Documents and Affidavit Review



Post-Season: Review Tournaments

Post-Season: Receive each League's Membership List

Post-Season: Determine each League's Membership Meetings for Upcoming Year

Post-Season: Review each League's Fall Ball Plans

July: State Tournaments

July - August: Regional Tournaments

July - August: Little League World Series Tournaments

August: Update League Officers

August: Create a District Budget

August: Create a District Calendar

August 31: Baseball Age Determination Date

September: Review League Financial Reports

September 15: Tournament Mileage Deadline

September 30: Tournament Enrollment Changes Deadline



Post-Season: Promote Upcoming Year Education and Training Events

Post Season: Remind Leagues to Charter for Upcoming Year

Post Season: Review Volunteer Appointments and Background Check Procedures

Post Season: Work and Communicate with New League Officers

Post Season: Meet with District Staff and Determine any Changes or Additions

Post Season: Determine Outstanding Items for Leagues with Region Office

October 1: Begin Little Legue Fiscal Year

October: Review ASAP submission guidelines

November 1: Tournament Umpire Request Deadline

December: Marketing Little League Clinics and Create Attendance Incentives/Requirements

December: Remind Leagues to Charter for Upcoming Year

December 31: Softball Age Determination Date