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    Welcome to Georgia Little League

    Welcome to Little League Baseball & Softball in the great state of Georgia! Georgia has 10 Little League districts with 57 local leagues. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with rules/regulation changes, clinic/training information, tournament news and special events.

    You may contact any of the District Administrators in the state and locate a Little League program near you.

    District 1

    Brenton Baggett

    District 2

    Jeff Colwell

    District 3

    Horace Beaty

    District 4

    Linda North

    District 5

    Roman Jones

    District 6

    Robbie Silas

    District 7

    Jeremy Haley

    District 8

    Richard Bryant

    District 9

    Roman Jones

    District 10

    Robin Scott

    Don't Retire Kid

    "If 62% of Kids Have Given Up on Sports, What Are We Doing Wrong?"

    Those are the provocative words as a fictional 9-year-old child "retires" from sports. It's a wake-up call to the fact that fewer kids are playing on teams than a decade ago.

    All Little League® World Series Games Set to Broadcast on ESPN Networks and ESPN+
    Ways to Watch the 2019 Little League® International Tournament

    Live Scoring on GameChanger. Learn More About Live Scoring.

    ESPN+: Fans can sign up for ESPN+ through the ESPN App or at for just $4.99 a month (or $49.99 per year) and can cancel at any time. Watch ESPN+ now.

    ESPN App: Watch 24/7 from any of your devices.

    Video Highlights: Game highlights and recaps will be available on for every game at all seven divisional World Series tournaments, and for every game at both the Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® United States Regional tournaments.

    Parent Confession: I Shouted Down My Daughter’s Softball Chants

    I am a baseball guy. I'm still involved in recreation leagues. As a kid, I played Little League Baseball. My wife played Little League Softball. Our daughter is a good ball player and could have easily played baseball. I pushed her to do so, but she decided on softball. My wife was pleased. I was disappointed.

    That disappointment quickly grew at my daughter's first softball game of the season, and it had nothing to do with the play on the field or the coaching. I couldn't handle the chanting. Okay, I know every Little League team has some degree of chanting, baseball for sure, but what I heard on the softball field made me think the girls should have pom-poms, not gloves. And, the chants didn't only come from the dugout. In the field, the girls would yell things like "two outs, one to go, say two outs one to go" then they would slap their foot with their hand. Read More .....

    Our Children Become the Messages They Hear the Most

    Picture the young baseball player stepping onto the mound in the final inning of the championship game. What is he thinking in that moment?

    Think of the basketball player, standing on the free throw line needing to make two free throws to send the game into overtime. Is he thinking about making the shots, or worried about missing them?

    Each of these athletes has a voice in his head, a voice telling him he is strong enough, he is calm enough, he is brave enough, you ARE enough for this moment.

    Or, that voice may be saying something completely different. That he is not enough. That he is not prepared. That he chokes in big moments. Who determines what that voice is saying?

    We do. Read more.....

    Nomar Garciaparra’s Views on Specialization

    Nomar Garciaparra has added his name to the list of high-profile athletes to speak out against young athletes specializing in just one sport.

    The six-time All-Star who played in the majors from 1996 to 2009 says specialization is a real problem in youth sports, and now he is working with the Los Angeles Dodgers to open new training centers. They focus on developing not just strong baseball players but great overall athletes.

    As someone with deep ties to baseball, Garciaparra sees over-specialization as a problem particularly in baseball, noting the increase in injuries among young players. The rise in Tommy John surgeries among athletes between 15 and 19 years old is a major red flag, for example. Read More.....

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