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Welcome to Little League Baseball & Softball in the great state of Georgia! Georgia has 10 Little League districts with 57 local leagues. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with rules/regulation changes, clinic/training information, tournament news and special events.

You may contact any of the District Administrators in the state and locate a Little League program near you.

District 1

Brenton Baggett

District 2

Jeff Colwell

District 3

Horace Beaty

District 4

Linda North

District 5

Roman Jones

District 6

Vince Fernandez

District 7

Jeremy Haley

District 8

Richard Bryant

District 9

Roman Jones

District 10

Robin Scott

Tournament Enrollment Open for 2018

Tournament Enrollment is now open for 2018 exclusively through the Little League Data Center. Make certain paperwork is completed, all waivers are approved, all fees are paid prior to June 1, 2018.

For a checklist of items to complete and resources to help you get tournament ready, visit our Tournament Enrollment page under Tournaments.

Easton Ghost X 30/20 2-5/8 Decertified for Use by USA Baseball

On Thursday, May 3, USA Baseball informed Little League and other youth organizations about the decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8. Models: YBB18GX10 30/20 and LL18GHX 30/20. According to the official notice from USA Baseball, "official compliance testing determined that the Ghost X 30/20 exceeds the performance limit set by the USABat Standard. Per the USA Baseball Youth Bat Performance Test Protocol as well as (USA Baseball's) contracts with Easton, these results constitute a non-compliant bat that must be decertified."

For any family or league that is impacted by USA Baseball's decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8, we strongly urge you to read Easton's release, which includes information about how to return your bat to receive a $500 voucher for

C-Flaps on Batting Helmets

Per Little League International, no current C-Flap product is NOCSAE approved which means per Rule 1.16 (altered helmets), the product cannot be used.

Georgia Little League Announces State Tournament Dates and Sites

Division of Play

Type of Tournament

Level of Tournament Site Start Date
7/8 Rookie Baseball Special Games State Warner Robins June 16/17
7/8 Rookie Softball Special Games State Warner Robins June 16/17
8/9 Sandlot Baseball Special Games State Warner Robins June 16/17
8-10 Baseball Int'l Tournament State Dudley July 7
9-11 Baseball Int'l Tournament State TBA July 7
10-12 Major Baseball Int'l Tournament State Smyrna July 14
50/70 Baseball Int'l Tournament State Peachtree City ± July 13
Junior Baseball Int'l Tournament State Athens July 14
Senior Baseball Int'l Tournament State Harris County July 7
8-10 Softball Int'l Tournament State Bartow County July 7
10-12 Major Softball Int'l Tournament State Bartow County July 7
Junior Softball Int'l Tournament State Bartow County July 7
Senior Softball Int'l Tournament State Bartow County July 7

Little League® Works with MLB Clubs to Host “Little League Days” Nationwide

As part of the growing partnership by Little League and MLB that is focused on fostering interest and encouraging participation in youth-centered baseball and softball activities, and continued efforts by MLB clubs around the nation, "Little League Days" will provide opportunities for local youth baseball and softball players to experience a professional baseball game at a ballpark near them.

While each club's Little League Days are set to be unique, many will provide discounted tickets for Little Leaguers, the opportunity to use tickets as fundraisers, and will provide the Little Leaguers the opportunity for a special on-field experience. For more information on 2018 MLB Little League Days, and to find an event near you, visit

2018 Rulebooks and E-Books Available

Little League Baseball® Rulebooks: Hardcopy | Apple | Amazon | Google

Little League Softball® Rulebooks: Hardcopy | Apple | Amazon | Google

Little League Challenger Division® Rulebooks: Hardcopy | Apple | Amazon | Google

Umpire: Make the Right Call: Hardcopy | Apple | Amazon

February 15, 2018 Update to Bats

Effective immediately (Thursday, February 15, 2018), Little League has amended Rule 1.10 for Little League Baseball for the Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch Divisions and the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division and Junior League, to reflect this guidance from USA Baseball. Read more....

2018 Rules and Regulations Changes

Review all the 2018 Changes to the Little League Regulations, Rules and Tournament Rules

Ten additional rules were approved for implementation in 2018 during the International Congress held in New Orleans January 19-22.

For the 2018 Rules and Regulations enacted, click here....

For the 2018 Tournament Rules and Guidelines enacted, click here...

I Didn’t Understand the Seriousness of my Son’s Steroid Use

We are a baseball family. I played Little League Baseball® and so did both of my boys. Our oldest son went on to play collegiate baseball and was scouted by several Major League teams, and was Taylor's idol. Like his older brother, Taylor played Little League and then played on his high school team. He was a very talented player, and had dreams of pitching in college and one day playing in the pros.

Taylor was very competitive at everything he did - in school and in his social life. During high school, he was never satisfied with just being in the starting lineup, he wanted to be the number one pitcher on his squad. Read more ...

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