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Welcome to Little League Baseball & Softball in the great state of Georgia! Georgia has 10 Little League districts with 57 local leagues. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with rules/regulation changes, clinic/training information, tournament news and special events.

You may contact any of the District Administrators in the state and locate a Little League program near you.

District 1

Brenton Baggett

District 2

Jeff Colwell

District 3

Horace Beaty

District 4

Linda North

District 5

Roman Jones

District 6

Vince Fernandez

District 7

Jeremy Haley

District 8

Richard Bryant

District 9

Roman Jones

District 10

Robin Scott

Easton Ghost X 30/20 2-5/8 Decertified for Use by USA Baseball

On Thursday, May 3, USA Baseball informed Little League and other youth organizations about the decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8. Models: YBB18GX10 30/20 and LL18GHX 30/20. According to the official notice from USA Baseball, "official compliance testing determined that the Ghost X 30/20 exceeds the performance limit set by the USABat Standard. Per the USA Baseball Youth Bat Performance Test Protocol as well as (USA Baseball's) contracts with Easton, these results constitute a non-compliant bat that must be decertified."

For any family or league that is impacted by USA Baseball's decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8, we strongly urge you to read Easton's release, which includes information about how to return your bat to receive a $500 voucher for

C-Flaps on Batting Helmets

The safety of all our participants is our utmost concern, and, like the vast majority of youth organizations, Little League requires our batters to wear helmets that meet National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) specifications and bear the NOCSAE stamp.

As the popularity of helmet attachments (c-flap, etc.) increase throughout baseball and softball, Little League® International has begun to receive inquiries from our families, players, and volunteers as to whether or not they're permitted in Little League play.

Altering a helmet in anyway (drilling holes, removing padding, etc.) may cause a manufacturer to void the NOCSAE certification of that helmet, making it illegal to use in Little League play. If you have altered your helmet or intend to, please contact the helmet manufacturer to determine if altering the helmet will void the NOCSAE certification.

Little League International has issued a letter to all youth batting helmet manufacturers for clarification on whether or not adding to their helmets voids their NOCSAE certification. We will post all manufacturer responses at, where you can also find more information about helmet attachments, NOCSAE.

Per Little League International, no current C-Flap product is NOCSAE approved which means per Rule 1.16 (altered helmets), the product cannot be used.

Georgia State Champions and Regional Report Dates

Note: Visit the GA Tournament Tab for more information regarding schedules and information about the tournaments. See our State Champions and the next level of play below.

Division of Play

Georgia Champion

Regional Site Report Date
7/8 Rookie Baseball Smyrna Blue - D2 None
7/8 Rookie Softball Hart County - D7 None
8/9 Sandlot Baseball Vine Ingle - D5 None
8-10 Baseball Greenville, NC July 20
9-11 Baseball Greenville, NC July 27
Little League Baseball Warner Robins August 2
50/70 Baseball Kernersville, NC July 19
Junior Baseball Ft Myers, FL August 2
Senior Baseball Safety Harbor, FL July 20
8-10 Softball Bartow County - D1 Clarksville, TN July 20
Little League Softball Harris County - D8 Warner Robins July 25
Junior Softball Oglethorpe County - D6 Salisbury, NC July 19
Senior Softball West Point - D4 Salisbury, NC July 19

HIt and Run Baseball - Great Format for Fall Ball!

Major League Baseball and USA Baseball announced "Hit and Run Baseball" on Monday, a program supporting modified forms of the game that enable players to develop their skills in a more interactive format while also promoting player health and safety.

Hit and Run Baseball is part of the Play Ball initiative, and it will serve youth leagues, tournament providers and amateur coaches with recommended game formats that can be easily applied at all levels of youth and amateur baseball. Leagues and coaches can also create their own modified rules to best suit their individual league, tournament or team needs.

Read More ...

Parental Peer Pressure: I Drove Our Team to Specialize in Baseball

Throughout my son's Little League® days, he played travel ball. It was very time consuming and costly, but there were definitely benefits, mainly Steven's improvement. He was always talented, but he became a top player with all the extra baseball.

Steven played football for several years, but I felt if he was to continue to advance in baseball, he needed a 100 percent commitment to the sport. So, despite reading about all the problems with specialization, we gave up football. Steven wasn't thrilled.

I'm not one of those fathers who believe my son will be a Major League Baseball player. I told him the future goal with all of the hard work is to make the high school varsity team as a freshman or sophomore. I figured if that happened, college scouts would have two opportunities to see his skills - on the high school field and at travel ball showcases.

Steven's improvement was hard to miss. Every time that one of our Little League friends would compliment him, I would tout our new "sure-fire" plan for Steven to make the high school varsity team: all baseball, all the time; private lessons; travel ball tournaments. I also started persuading other parents to follow our path. Read More....

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