2014 State Tournament Information
You will be able to keep up with your favorite team's progress by clicking on the Tournament Tab, clicking Schedules/Results and then choosing your age division and favorite team from the different drop-down menu boxes.  Be sure to also click the correct month in the far right-hand box.
Each Tournament Host will provide a Tournament Guide Book for managers and coaches and families.   We will make those books available to you below in a pdf format.   Those Books will include contact information, hotel information, information about the park, directions to the park and locations for off-site activities.   Be sure to adhere to any deadlines the host may impose for photos, shirt sizes, banquet reservations, etc.   Each tournament is unique and the hosts may ask for slightly different information.
Click the links below for the Tournament Information Book that you are interested in.
9/10 Baseball, Columbus American Little League, July 12 - 18.   Team Banquet July 11 @ 6:30 pm.  Manager's Briefing July 11 @ 10 pm.
9/10 Softball, West Point Little League, July 12 - 16.    
10/11 Baseball, Cartersville Little League, July 12 - 18   
Little League Baseball (updated 7/4/14) (11/12 year olds), Warner Robins American Little League, July 19 - 25.  Team Banquet July 18 @ 6:30 pm.  Managers' Briefing July 18 @ 4 pm.
Little League Softball (11/12 year olds), West Point Little League, July 12- 16   
Intermediate Baseball (11/13 year olds), Peachtree City Little League, July 12-13
Junior League Baseball, Harris County Little League (Columbus), July 12 - 18.  Team Banquet July 11 @ 7pm.  Managers' Briefing July 11 immediately following the Team Banquet.
Junior League Softball, Madison County Little League, July 12 - 18  
Senior League Baseball  (updated 7/3, updated 7/4), Martinez Evans Little League, July 12 - 18
Senior League Softball, Madison County Little League, July 12 - 18  
Big League Baseball (15-18 year olds), Habersham County Little League, July 5 - 8  





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